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Car Accidents

“are a life-changing experience.”

Motor vehicle accidents can cause injuries that sometimes become permanent and affect a person’s life forever. No amount of money that you recover in a lawsuit can reverse the injuries that you or someone in your family has suffered, but it is important to not suffer financially as well.

Suppose you have been injured in a car accident that was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another individual. In that case, Svalina Law Firm can advocate on your behalf to maximize the amount you recover from the at-fault party’s insurance company or, in some cases, your own insurance company.

We represent clients in Beaufort, Jasper, Allendale, Hampton, Colleton, and surrounding counties in South Carolina and in other states.

Our firm has helped injured individuals in South Carolina for nearly three decades. Attorney Samuel “Sammy” Svalina has practiced personal injury law for more than 25 years. Sammy believes, “We know the tactics that insurance companies use to undervalue claims or deny them altogether, and we have the resources and the know-how to fight them on our clients’ behalf.”

Our Promises To You

No attorney can guarantee the outcome of a case, but our stellar results since the firm’s founding in 1988 is a good indicator of how committed we are to maximizing the amount we recover for our clients. In fact, our firm has been able to serve injured parties in South Carolina for nearly three decades because of its commitment to exceed client expectations. When you enlist our services, you are assured of some important guarantees:

  • You will have a direct line of communication to a lawyer from the initial consultation through the resolution of your case.
  • We will keep you updated on the status of your case throughout.
  • We will take the time to thoroughly explain all of your options as well as our recommendations.
  • You will be working with a law firm that has the extensive resources necessary to develop strong cases.
  • Your lawyer will be prepared to go to trial if a fair settlement is not reached through negotiations. We are not here to take less than you deserve.
  • You will not pay any upfront costs, and you only pay attorney fees if we recover a financial settlement or verdict for you.

A Timely Response Can Play A Crucial Role In Your Case

It is important to contact us as soon as possible following your injury from a motor vehicle accident. Important evidence can be lost or destroyed if you wait too long to enlist our services.

Our job is to gather all evidence, pictures of the scene and car, and investigate the accident immediately. We do not want to let important evidence that could help win a case be lost so we investigate and gather this information immediately. This is not a burden that should be placed on a client that is recovering from serious injuries. Our job is to protect you, fight for you and help you as best we can through a very difficult time.

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