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Following Any Truck Accident, You Need A Seasoned, Capable Lawyer In Your Corner

Trucking companies have knowledgeable attorneys to protect their interests. You need capable legal representation, such as that provided by Svalina Law Firm, to protect your interests.

The increased pace of commerce is reflected in the dizzying speeds at which commercial vehicles rush across South Carolina highways and city streets. Many truckers also have not had enough sleep and their trucks have not been properly maintained. These negligent acts must be investigated immediately. Additionally, when these large trucks are involved in accidents, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic. Svalina Law Firm provides aggressive and accomplished legal counsel to victims of truck accidents in South Carolina.

These accidents occur for numerous reasons, including driver error, driver fatigue, overweight loads, improper maintenance and defective truck parts. Sometimes, they occur due to a combination of reasons, and more than one party can be named in a lawsuit.

We represent injured parties throughout South Carolina from our offices in Beaufort and Bluffton.

Tackling these complex cases requires an experienced truck accident lawyer who is able to withstand the frivolous defenses asserted by the trucking companies’ attorneys. Attorney Samuel “Sammy” Svalina has the experience as well as the trial capabilities necessary to produce favorable outcomes.

Time Is Of Essence In Truck Accident Investigations

It is important to contact us as soon as possible following a truck accident in which you were injured or a family member was killed. While you may have suffered the most serious injury of your life, for the trucking company, it’s just another hazard of doing business. They will send investigators and insurance representatives to the scene of the accident to collect as much information as possible that will serve their purposes of minimizing any damages they ultimately pay out.

By involving our team early, we can conduct our own investigation before any critical evidence is destroyed. You may also be contacted by the trucking company’s lawyers or insurance representatives. Do not speak with them. Statements that you make to them may negatively impact your case.

The Insurance Companies Know Who We Are

Sammy Svalina has faced trucking company lawyers numerous times, both in court and in negotiations. They are aware of his penchant for meticulously preparing for trial and his willingness to litigate when a fair agreement is not on the table. This helps him negotiate from a position of strength and frequently resolve these cases without the need to go to trial.

Call us or email us to schedule a free consultation. We will answer your questions and provide a candid assessment of your case.

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